Seagate ST31000528AS HDD Data Recovery Steps

This Seagate ST31000528AS case was done for one Dolphin user in Greece and 100% lost data has been recovered. The patient drive kept busy and no ID was detected.

SIM Error 2040
RW Error 00000080

Starting LBA of RW Request=0013200E Length=00000144

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 0013200E Sense Code=43110081

RTL exceeded

MC Internal LPC Process

Starting LBA of RW Request=00132012 Length=00000140

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 00132012 Sense Code=43110081

RTL exceeded

Starting LBA of RW Request=00132016 Length=0000013C

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 00132016 Sense Code=43110081

RTL exceeded


RTL exceeded

Starting LBA of RW Request=0013214E Length=00000004

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 0013214E Sense Code=C4090082

RTL exceeded
No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags 2002A1A5

Internal SavePersistentInfo Triggered

ASCII Diag mode

This drive has multiple firmware failure but easy to fix with DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

Dolphin engineer offered remote support to this Greece user and fixed the case with the following steps:

1, Enter F3 T>;
2, Backup important SYS files;
3, Fix media cache issue;
4, Clear G-list;
5, Regenerate translator;
6, Power off and on.

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