SIM Error 2041 RW Error ProcessRWError -Write Fix by DFL Seagate HDD Repair Tool


The following COM terminal error messages are from one Seagate ST2000DM001 patient hard drive, the drive is not detected and if users need to recover the lost data, users must fix the firmware failure first.

Boot 0x40M

Spin Up
RECOV Servo Op=0100 Resp=0005


Spin Up

RECOV Servo Op=0900 Resp=0005^z

SIM Error 2041 LBA 0000000000090AAD FD FC358028
RW Error 00000080

MCMainPOR: Start:

User Data Base 009AEA70

MCInitialize: Start: Host VBM Size (Bytes): 00000210 Metadata VBM Size (Bytes):

ClearMC: Start Full Starting LBA 00015F90, Count 00989FC0S21(01)S21(02)S21(03)S21(04)S21(05)S21(06)S21(07)S21(08)S21(09)S21(0A)S21(0B)S21(0C)S21(0D)S21(0E)S21(0F)S21(10)S21(11)S21(12)S21(13)S21(14)S21(15)S21(16)S21(17)S21(18)S21(19)S21(1A)S21(1B)S21(1C)S21(1D)S21(1E)S21(1F)S21(20)S21(21)S21(22)S21(23)S21(24)S21(25)S21(26)S21(27)S21(28)S21(29)S21(2A)S21(2B)S21(2C)S21(2D)S21(2E)S21(2F)S21(30)S21(31)S21(32)S21(33)S21(34)S21(35)S21(36)S21(37)[0000000000004270]v{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qDv{00000008}qD

LPC Disc Xfr: EXCEPTION: ProcessRWError: Status =00000002

Next Accessed LBA = 00004270

Retry LBA = 00004270

Retry Level = 00000000

Starting LBA of RW Request=0000002BF2 Length=001313F8

ProcessRWError -Write- at LBA 0000004270 Sense Code=C4030086S21(01)S21(02)S21(03)S21(04)S21(05)S21(06)S21(07)S21(08)S21(09)S21(0A)S21(0B)S21(0C)S21(0D)S21(0E)S21(0F)S21(10)S21(11)S21(12)S21(13)S21(14)S21(15)S21(16)S21(17)S21(18)S21(19)S21(1A)S21(1B)S21(1C)S21(1D)S21(1E)S21(1F)S21(20)S21(21)S21(22)[WA]!


ClearMC: Completed, Last LBA 000099FF50
MCInitialize: MC Cleared

MCInitialize: MCTBufferPtr->Header.MCTStateFlags = 0000000A

MCInitialize: MCTBufferPtr->Header.MCStateFlagsDisc = 00000001

MCInitialize: MCStateFlags = 00000001

Set MCMT Version Current

[MCMTWS] Tail/Head 0000 0000

MCInitialize: Init complete:

MCMainPOR: MCTStateFlags 00000022 MCStateFlags 00000040 Tms 00000000 00000000 00007947
No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags 0002A1A1

To fix the firmware failure, users need to have DFL Seagate hdd repair tool, backup ROM, unlock HDD to access to SA,  clear media cache, clear glist, clear smart, regenerate translator.

Next users can use DFL-DDP data recovery program, go to set up one disk image project and then extract the lost data from the target drive.

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