ST1000LM035 HDD Full Disk Bad Sectors-No Data Available


This is another successful Seagate hdd data recovery case study for one American user.

When this drive was received, the drive was not detected at all by pc. When connected to DFL Seagate firmware repair tool, the ID was correctly detected but data area was fully blocked, full disk bad sectors.

To recover these LM drives, DFL users have high success rate.

The user went to backup the important SYS files and ROM, Edited ID, cleared g-list, regenerated translator, but found the hdd got partial sector access issue.

After that, the user found the entried in NGlist changed and therefore, the user tried to write the original NGlist back and regenerated translator again, the NGlist was kept the same as before the translator regeneration.

Power off and on, the hdd data area was fully accessible.