ST2000LM007 no ID Perfect Data Recovery Case Study

This is one good and typical case study of the new Seagate ST2000LM007 Rosewood LM hard drives with 100% data recovered.

Thanks to Mr. mohammed moiz uddin from India who shared this case study with Dolphin Data Lab.

When the user received this ST2000LM007 case, the hdd is not detected at all with SA locked. by using DFL Seagate firmware repair tool, the user generated the unlock rom, write the unlock ROM, the terminal had been available to enter F3 T> but the firmware module list is not available and the ID information was still not detected.

Next the user went to menu SA Operations>Read SYS Files and users backup the SYS1B and SYS28 files and then go to terminal F3 T> to clear the defects records in the RAM and then use m commands to regenerate the translator. After this one, the user powered off and on, the drive suffered partial sector access problem, the user wrote back the SYS28 the data area was fully accessible.