ST2000LM007 LED:0x000000BD FAddr: 0x00005E43 Data Recovery Case Study


ST2000LM007 LED:0x000000BD FAddr: 0x00005E43 data recovery case study is not easy case and the solution has been created by Jignesh from SmartComputech, Dolphin Indian sales and support center and have helped many users fix many cases.

Some users may have other data recovery tools but still fail to fix this kind of failure and send the cases to SmartComputech and Jignesh gets the cases fixed quickly by DFL SRP all in one or DFL pcie data recovery tools.

Power on the ST2000LM007 patient drives, the drives get ready without issue but when trying to read ID, the terminal outputs error messages: LED:0x000000BD FAddr: 0x00005E43 and then the drive becomes busy. Users may unlock the SA using DFL Seagate firmware repair programs or other tools, but once users try to execute the commands, the drive goes to LED again.

So how to make the terminal accept commands and how to backup the firmware modules or SYS files for ST2000LM007 LED:0x000000BD FAddr: 0x00005E43 hard drives becomes the key step to recover the lost data. Most users give up and may think it is caused by head problem but actually not. With DFL data recovery tools and the unique data recovery solution, this kind of cases can now be fixed without any issue.

Great thanks to the efforts of Jignesh from Smart Computech and hard work and research on such difficult cases.