Successfully Recovered Data from ST2000LM007


This is one remote support case study from an India user.


Model number: ST2000LM007-1R8174
Serial number: ZDZ0862P      Capacity: 2TB


The patient drive cannot be detected by computer, and all data cannot be accessible either. When the drive was connected to DFL PCIe-4x all in one data recovery tool, we power on the drive, it took a very long time to get ready. Meanwhile, all the drive ID information were unable to be recognized by device.


Dolphin Data Lab engineer performed the following steps:

  1. Read ROM by COM: we tried higher baud rate to read first, but failed on this drive. Only 38400 baud rate work.
  2. Generate unlock ROM: ROM Operations – Unlock – Unlock ROM (EX ROM File). Normally, the unlock ROM can be generated by our program automatically. (Unfortunately, this auto generated unlock ROM did not work, we had to create another good one manually).
  3. Write ROM by COM: in this step it is important to select the UNLOCK ROM to write, NOT the ROM.
  4. Power off and on: once the unlock ROM was written completely, we power off and on in COM terminal. Then we see message as “Tech Unlock Handshake: 0xXXXXXXXX”, this means the unlock ROM is good and was written successfully.
  5. Send Unlock Key: ROM Operations – Unlock – Send Unlock Key. At that time, drive status was changed from Busy to Ready.
  6. Back up important firmware module: 1B, 28, 35, 1E, 1D, 20.
  7. Scan the drive: the whole drive can be scanned smoothly under DFL Seagate repair program.
  8. Data extraction: use DDP file extraction to check the data, all the files are accessible and all files are recovered successfully.

The user was very happy and satisfied with the results and thanked Dolphin Data Lab Engineer for the great and awesome support.

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