Seagate ST1000LM035 Physical Data Recovery Case Study


This is one Seagate ST1000LM035 physical hard drive data recovery case study from one Dolphin user in Canada.

When this Seagate ST1000LM035 hard drive was received, it’s learnt that the drive dropped from the desk and the drive kept outputting error messages showing the heads are damaged.

Please note that when the heads are damaged, the patient hdd may or not generate clicking noises. Sometimes users may think the drive didn’t click and therefore the drive didn’t have head issue, this is not true. The best to learn if the heads damage or not depends on the error messages outputting in the COM terminal.

After the heads failure was confirmed, the user went to find one donor hdd of the same model and same head number and swapped the heads. After the head swap, the Dolphin user connected the patient drive to DFL SRP data recovery hardware and tried to access the data area, however, all data area was fully blocked, that’s full of bad sectors by scanning the hard drive.

Next the user unlocked the hard drive, backuped the important firmware modules and then tried to clear glist and regenerate translator but still failed.

Next the Dolphin support engineer tried another method to repair the tracks, after the track repair, users wrote back the important firmware modules, cleared glist and then regenerate translator.

Next the Dolphin support engineer powered off and on the drive and the drive became fully detected and accessed and finally all lost data was recovered by DFL DDP data recovery tool.

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