This is one data recovery engineer from Afghanistan who is asking for a purchase of Dolphin DVR Pro.

‘Hello Dear Respected Sir / Madam

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I want to buy CCTV DVR NVR XVR HVR Data/ All Data Recovery Software, So I would like to know further about the Software
Is the Licence life-time ?
Can I recover old Data from years Around 4 to 5 years Data or ago ?
Can I recover 8,16,32 and 160 … Channel DVR NVR XVR HVR All Captured Videos from All Camera That Losted or Formated or may over-writted ?
Can I recover any kind or any company DVR,NVR,XVR,HVR … Data from the formatted Hard disk or Hard-Drive ?

Thanks and Regards,
CCTV Workshop
Kabul- Afghanistan’

Please note: if the videos are already overwritten, the overwritten videos cannot be recovered. Maybe only some fragmented video files are not overwritten for the past years and time.

Only if the DVR system has the channels info stored, they can be found out and listed. For formatted or deleted videos, users can use the Deep Scan option within Dolphin DVR data recovery software and get lost videos back by dates.

If you have CCTV DVR video recovery cases other tools cannot fix, you can try Dolphin DVR Pro. only if the videos are not overwritten!

If you want to try the latest CCTV DVR data recovery software and technologies for free, please contact us to get the software download link.

Dolphin DVR Pro. latest version: V3.51
Dolphin DVR Pro. contains the following latest software modules:

CCTV DVR Data Recovery Software
Digital Camera video recovery software
Video Recorder video recovery software
Video Repair Software

All Dolphin users get the best technique support and fastest software upgrade services, when users meet CCTV DVR brands which are not supported, Dolphin team can add to support within one or two days only if users allow us remote checking on the cases or send us one image file of 10GB around.

Dolphin official contact:

Dolphin Data Lab has released the latest CCTV DVR data recovery software V3.51 and all Dolphin DVR users can download the upgrade software from the user-only forum.

Order Dolphin DVR Pro. Here for your best CCTV DVR data recovery success rate!

What’s new in Dolphin DVR Pro. V3.51?

Sony FDR-AX45, ILCE 7M4 video recovery support is added;

Panasonic DC-GF10, DC-S1H video recovery is added;
Canon EOS 200D II video recovery is added;
DJI UAV Mavic 2 Pro video recovery is added;
Canon EOS 650D, 700D, 760D, 800D, 1500D, M3, M6 Mark II, 77D, 850D, M50, M50m2 video recovery is added;
Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II, PowerShot G7X Mark III
SONY-FDR AX55, ILCE 9, ILME FX3, ILCE 7RM4 video recovery is added;
ARRI mini camera video recovery is added;
GoPro Hero9 video recovery is enhanced;
JingYi video recovery is enhanced;
JieDu Car driving recorder video recovery is enhanced;

DJI UAV OSMO 2 video recovery is enhanced;

Download Dolphin DVR Pro. V3.51 here.

What’s new in Dolphin DVR Pro. V3.41?

More Dolphin DVR Pro. features and highlights here

This DaHua DVR data recovery case study was for one DFL user from India. This is one formatted Dahua DVR hdd and the Indian user has used other CCTV DVR data recovery tools to scan the patient DVR hdd but get nothing or get videos with only 2MB, they are just some small video fragmented files.

When the user received this DVR patient HDD, the DVR brand is unknown. No one told the users about the DVR brand and then the user contacted Dolphin team for remote technique support.

Dolphin engineer checked the hex data of the DVR patient HDD and analyzed the data carefully and found out the dvr brand is DaHua DVR.

The patient DVR hdd was formatted and the file system info was overwritten and for this kind of DaHua DVR video recovery cases, users need to select ‘Deep Analysis’ within the Dolphin DVR recovery software and start the video fragments analysis, collection and restruction and finally all lost videos will be listed properly.

With the help of Dolphin engineers, the Indian client had got all his lost videos back.

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Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software supports very successful video data recovery from DJI UAV video recording systems.

The following is the detailed support list:

DJI Packet
DJI Air2s Short
DJI Air2s Long

Other DJI UAV models…

If the DJI model is listed, it is very easy to select the model, use fast analysis or deep analysis to get the lost videos easily. If the DJI model is not listed, for example, users get new brands of DJI UAV video recorders, users can still use Dolphin DVR unique video recovery solution, select unknown video recorder, extract sample videos, add sample videos and then use deep analysis to recover all lost/deleted videos.

Users can check how to use Dolphin DVR to recover lost deleted videos from different video recorders.

Please note: Dolphin DVR has one-week version, full version or customized version, users can email to us for details.

Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software is all-in-one video recovery solution containing four software modules: CCTV DVR recovery module, digital camera recovery module, video recorder recovery module and video repair module.

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Dolphin team has further improved and upgraded the existing CCTV DVR data recovery software-Dolphin DVR to latest version 3.41.

In this new CCTV DVR data recovery software, users can find the following new video recovery features:

Non-Standard CCTV DVR drive video recovery is added. Standard CCTV DVR drive sector size is 512k, 1024, 2048, 4096, etc, but non-standard sector sizes are 520, 528, etc. All other tools don’t support this non-standard sector size but Dolphin DVR is good at it;

MeiCoy DVR system is added;
FHDRH_FTVT DVR system is added;
New model of Panasonic HC-WX1M is added for direct video recovery;
JingSun law enforcement video recorder is added to support;

Kodak digital camera recovery is added;
SONY ILCE-1 digital camera recovery is added;
SONY ILCE_7RM4 digital camera recovery is added;
NIKO D7100, NIKO Z6, NIKO Z7 digital cameras recovery is added;
GoPro Hero10 digital camera recovery is added;
Panasonic DMC-G7 digital camera recovery is added;

Lingdu H264 driving recorder recovery is added;
Panasonic DMC-FZ2500 digital camera recovery is added;
Panasonic AG_GH4,DC_GH6 digital camera recovery is added;
GoPro Hero6, GoPro Hero7 digital cameras recovery is added;
ALEXA camera video recovery is added;
NIKON D810 video recovery is added;

DJ UAV osmo_actior video recovery is added;
Canon EOS 7D MARK II,EOS 600D,EOS R5,EOS RP digital camera is added;

Zhifayihao law enforcement video recorder recovery is improved;
Diyixianchang car driving recorder recovery is improved;
SONY-ILCE-A7S3 video recovery is improved;
BlackMagic digital camera is improved;

More new…

More and more data recovery engineers and digital forensic investigators are using Dolphin DVR with happiness and success and this CCTV DVR data recovery tool will be more and more powerful too.

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For IT engineers or data recovery engineers with one or two video recovery cases or for individual video monitoring system users who want to recover the lost videos by themselves and don’t want to send their video devices to third parties, Dolphin DVR Pro. One-Week version is the best choice.

If users have many video recovery cases including CCTV DVR video recovery, digital camera recovery, video recorder recovery and video repair cases, users can buy Dolphin DVR Pro. business version directly or upgrade from the one-week version to business version.

Dolphin DVR Pro. has 4 software modules and users can handle 4 video recovery cases at the same time. One CCTV DVR recovery case, one digital recovery case, one video recorder recovery case and one video repair case.

The Dolphin DVR Pro. one-week version can help users to fix many cases and is very cost-effective and price friendly.

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A further software upgrade on the Dolphin DVR Pro. has been made and that is the latest version 3.28 and users can request this latest software from your sales representative or try this latest CCTV DVR data recovery software for free from the Dolphin DVR download center.

This version 3.28 was one further improvement on the version of V3.26.

Besides the new support of Mercedes Benz Black Box EDR, Caps CCTV  and UAV-DJI_PACKET, engineer improved the algorithms of getting lost videos from TP-link.

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Dolphin Data Lab has again upgraded the Dolphin DVR Pro. to latest version 3.26. This latest version is upgraded and completed with the help and support from one Dolphin user from South Korea.

1, Mercedes Benz Black Box EDR is added to support;
2, Caps CCTV Monitoring system has been added;

Both above are from the South Korea user, the user contacted Dolphin engineer and told us these two couldn’t be recovered and applied for remote support by teamviewer, Dolphin engineer analyzed the two cases and took part of the image file for further analysis. Within two working days, both two new video systems are added to suppport.

3, UAV-DJI_PACKET is added to support.

All data recovery engineers can go to Dolphin DVR download center to test this latest CCTV DVR data recovery software for free.

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This is one great case study on how to access and recover lost deleted videos from Mercedes Benz Black Box for one Dolphin user in South Korea.

Users can watch the data recovery video here to check the detailed steps.

In Dolphin DVR Pro. V3.25, Mercedes Benz Black Box is not added to the support list directly but this doesn’t affect to get the lost videos back from Mercedes Benz Black Box. For all cameras or video recorders, users can use this same method to recover lost videos.

Now let’s check the following detailed steps:

Step 1: Users need to have and use Dolphin DVR Pro. Version 3.25 or above;
Step 2: Get sample videos by Winhex, R-studio or Dolphin DVR Pro.;
Step 3: Select the Camera software recovery module;
Step 4: Load Mercedes Benz Black Box image file;
Step 5: Select Unknown Camera video system;
Step 6: Select Deep Analysis(Recommended);
Step 7: Right click to add sample videos and start video recovery from the blackbox;
Step 8: Select the wanted dates and time to recover.

Users want to check more details about Dolphin DVR Pro. here.

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