Christmas Season 2022 is coming and wish all the best, health, wealth and happiness to all Dolphin clients!

Dolphin Data Lab has a large range of hdd repair and data recovery tools as below and all clients can enjoy direct discount or some gifts based on the ordered items.

Data recovery hardware tools;
Data recovery software;
Hard drive firmware repair hardware and software;
Hard drive head and platter clean or swap tools;
WD and Seagate slim hdd head replacement tools;
WD Slim HDD Motor Release tools;
CCTV, DVR data recovery tools;
Digital camera video recovery tools;
Video recorder, UAV, car dvr video recovery tools, etc;
Hard Drive Data Recovery Workbench;
Hard drive firmware unlock pcbs, data unlock pcbs, donor PCBs, donor hard drives;
Surface laptop data drive reader;
Apple MacBook Pro A1708 PCIe SSD Recovery Adapter;
SM2258XT SSD Flash Chip Reader And Test Socket;
BGA Reballing Stencils And WD HDD SMR HDD PCB 8xxx Series MCU Reballing Stencils Package;
Samsung Double-Layer Data Chip Reballing Stencil;
Samsung SSD S4LR020 Main Controller IC Reballing Stencil;
Donor Hard Drive Sourcing eBook For Head Swap;
Data Recovery Training U-disk;

Users can select which data recovery tools or hdd repair tools to order and then contact Dolphin Data Lab to ask for one special Christmas offer.

Links for above hdd repair and data recovery tools:

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