Within our data recovery jobs, we usually meet the following error messages in the terminal mode for Seagate hard drives.
7200.10 and the older ones

* The hard drive is detected normally
Interface task reset
1024k x 16 buffer detected ALPINE – 1_Disk S.15 01-16-03 11:51 Head Mask 0000 – Switch to full int. Spin Ready 3.06 05-13-03 14:11 (P)PATA Reset Master Read more

Recently we got some new beginners who want to start a data recovery or hdd refurbishing business and they asked one questions: ‘how do I know if the hard drive belongs to F3 series.

Let’s share today how to find out whether it’s Seagate F3 hard drive.

Seagate hard drives can work in both ATA and COM mode, within COM terminal, if users press CTRL+Z, users will get either T> or F3 T>. So if users get F3 T>, it’s one F3 drive. Read more

When the hdd was received, we asked the client what happened to the hdd: the hdd doesn’t have physical damage or falling, but not detected, the pc with the hdd hanged after power on.

After entering the DDP com terminal, the hdd keeps busy.

After setting the COM and select the correct baud rate-38400, and ctrl+z, we couldn’t enter the F3 T> Read more