This is one successful western digital undetected hard drive firmware repair and data recovery case study from one DFL user in India.

Patient HDD ID:

Model number: WDC WD20NPVZ-00WFZT0
Serial Number: WD-WXN1A776ZHTN
Capacity: 1863GB
Head number: 8
SPT: 1480

Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:

Undetected/data inaccessbile

Hard Drive Firmware Repair Tools and Data Recovery Hardware Tools Required:

DFL Western Digital HDD Repair Tool
DFL DDP Data Recovery Equipment

Hard Drive Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps:

Backup ROM;
Disable 411 and restart firmware;
Refresh hdd ID;
Backup hard drive firmware modules (important modules);
Slow fix-mode 1;
Enable 411 and restart firmware;
Refresh hdd ID;
Open DFL-DDP data recovery equipment and software;
Set up head map and image good heads and good sectors and then weak heads and sectors;
Finally all lost data was recovered from the faulty WD hard drive.

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