WDC WD20NPVZ-00WFZT0 Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery Steps


This is one successful western digital undetected hard drive firmware repair and data recovery case study from one DFL user in India.

Patient HDD ID:

Model number: WDC WD20NPVZ-00WFZT0
Serial Number: WD-WXN1A776ZHTN
Capacity: 1863GB
Head number: 8
SPT: 1480

Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:

Undetected/data inaccessbile

Hard Drive Firmware Repair Tools and Data Recovery Hardware Tools Required:

DFL Western Digital HDD Repair Tool
DFL DDP Data Recovery Equipment

Hard Drive Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps:

Backup ROM;
Disable 411 and restart firmware;
Refresh hdd ID;
Backup hard drive firmware modules (important modules);
Slow fix-mode 1;
Enable 411 and restart firmware;
Refresh hdd ID;
Open DFL-DDP data recovery equipment and software;
Set up head map and image good heads and good sectors and then weak heads and sectors;
Finally all lost data was recovered from the faulty WD hard drive.

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