The drive is failing to read after around 2% of the drive


Hi Stanley, the drive is failing to read after around 2% of the drive. All sectors red colour. Starting LBA of RW Request=00007DE280 Length=FFFFFFFF

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 00007DE280 Sense Code=44090082

Common path start quit now
ProcessRC: 00000000,00000000[Host]
ReadContinuous: 007DE14D,000001AC
NumUDEs: 00000000,00000000
Passed(Host): 00000080
Out: OfflineOC


SPRegen [0000|400000A6] @LBA=0x007DE280

Setup currentretry count

Unrecoverable Error CB

Above is one com terminal error from one Seagate ST1000LM035 patient drive and this hdd is from one DFL user in Australia and this issue is one typically translator issue and we call it partial sector access problem.

Within DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool, users can repair this firmware failure automatically and Dolphin support team have also shared many similar cases and videos for this kind of case.

Users can either watch our data recovery videos here or check our data recovery case studies here.