Toshiba DT01ACA100 HDD Data Recovery Steps


This is one Toshiba DT01ACA100 HDD Data Recovery case study for one DFL user in Srilanka. But actually it is one Hitachi hard drive.

Many DFL users have met this kind of Toshiba Hitachi hdd recovery cases and with DFL data recovery hardware tools, many users have recovered lost data at high success rate.

For this patient HDD, the drive is not detected at all and the data area is not possible to be accessed.

According to further diagnosis and engineer’s experience, users went to edit NVRAM and changed the head map, the original head map was 01 and users changed it to 1 1 and then users powered off and on the patient drive. The engineer opened DDP data recovery program, set up disk image project, set up head map by ‘Hitachi Toshiba’ family and then unticked the head 0 and change the disk image settings. Next the engineer started the disk image and the image went smoothly.

Finally without head swap, most important data was recovered.

Many Toshiba DT cases we met in Dolphin remote recovery system or in our data recovery labs have physical head damage issue or weak head issue.

So when users receive these DT01 cases, don’t treat physical issue as firmware issue otherwise permanent data loss may occur.

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