Toshiba MQ01ABD032VS DVR HDD Unlock for Data Recovery


How to recover lost data from Toshiba MQ01ABD032VS DVR locked HDD?
How to remove the DVR lock for Toshiba MQ01ABD032VS HDDs from Set-Top Boxes?

Patient HDD ID

Firmware version: AZ0U1Q
625142448 (298.09GB)

For these DVR locked HDDs, users cannot use them normally, users cannot access to the firmware area and users cannot access to the data area either.

To remove the DVR unlock, users need to generate one unlock rom and then write the unlock rom.

Please note: for Toshiba drives, users need to use the HDD ROM chip pin reader and DFL Toshiba HDD firmware repair tool for the best DVR unlock efficiency and success.

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