WD10EZEX-00ZF5A0 HDD PCB Burnt ROM Damage Data Recovery Solution


This is one successful Western Digital HDD data recovery case study from one DFL user in India.

When the patient HDD was received, the HDD PCB was totally burnt, the ROM chip was corrupted and the original ROM content was not possible to read.

Patient HDD iD:
PCB Number:

Failure symptoms:

Spin Smooth, Rom not original. read original modules, try to regenerate rom but it gives ” the length can not be 0″ error during regeneration of rom

To recover lost data from these 18xx PCB series’ HDDs, it is very important users get one correct ROM to write. With the help of the Dolphin engineer, the DFL user wrote one correct ROM to the patient HDD and the patient HDD was fully recovered.

This recovery method is good for all WD 18XX series.