WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0 WD Physical HDD Data Recovery Case


This is another successful western digital hdd data recovery case by Dolphin remote support system for Dolphin user in Peru. Hard drive model number: WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0; Capacity: 1 TB; Head number: 2 heads; PCB: 1824.

Symptom: clicking, spin up and down; Data area blocked.

When the patient hard drive was received by our Dolphin user, it was clicking, spinning up and down. This is very typical head damage symptom and the drive stopped the power, found one real donor drive according to Dolphin HDD Donor Sourcing Book and went to clean room to swap the heads.

After swapping the heads, the hdd clicking noises disappeared but when the engineer tried to access the data area, it’s blocked. So next engineer tried to test the firmware modules, test the heads and found out all of them were good. Next the engineer even tried on selective head imaging and see if it can be caused by single head damage and hdd self-protection policy. Unfortunately, no one worked to get the data area accessible.

Finally the engineer went back to DFL WD firmware repair program and test the firmware modules deeply, specially the key firmware modules and then found the data lock problem was caused by Media cache failure, the engineer cleared the media cache and checked the hdd with DDP data recovery program, all data was accessible immediately and the Peru Dolphin user can extract the data directly.

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