WD20EZRX Busy Capacity 0 Data Recovery Steps


This is one very common and typical western digital hard drive WD20EZRX data recovery case by DFL WD firmware repair tool and DFL DDP data recovery tool.

This is one remote case from one DFL user in India.

Hard Drive ID: WD20EZRX-00D8PB0
Family: DIABL03S
PCB: 1945

HDD Firmware Failure Symptoms:

Keeps busy;
Capacity 0

WD20EZRX Busy Capacity 0 Data Recovery Steps

1, Connect WD20EZRX patient hdd to DFL-SRP WD hdd repair hardware;
2, Short TV9 and TV10 to enter the program;
3, Backup key fw modules;
4, Disable 02;
5, Slow Fix 1 and Slow Fix 2;
6, Repair Track list;
7, Enable 02;
8, Firmware Restart;
9, Connect fixed HDD to DFL-DDP data recovery program;
10, Full recovery.

Dolphin users are fixing more and more new hdd recovery cases. Congratulations!

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