WD82EJRX-89AD9Y0 8TB WFS DVR Format Video Data Recovery

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This is one very interesting CCTV DVR format video data recovery case study for one DFL user from India. This case was given to other data recovery companies with other CCTV DVR data recovery software but failed.

With any other CCTV DVR data recovery software tools, the users can only get videos of only 2MB or the videos are in a mess with different cameras in one video, so no effective videos at all.

This kind of failure is usually caused by the original dvr device format and about 500mb data in the beginning of the dvr drive is lost and therefore, users cannot find any effective/valid videos.

When this case was given to Dolphin user with Dolphin DVR Pro, the user applied for one remote support by Dolphin remote data recovery system. Dolphin engineer helped the user to find the starting address of the data area by Dolphin DVR Pro. and then started the video analysis in fast analysis mode and finally all cameras and videos were found and listed properly.

Users can select the cameras and videos to save. and in the coming new Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software, Dolphin DVR Pro. can search the data address automatically when it is lost and then it is more convenient.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab

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