A Letter To Those Who Are New To Data Recovery Field

Hello to all who are new to data recovery field!

Dolphin Data Lab has helped hundreds of clients worldwide who are new to data recovery field starting from 0, some new beginners are using our tools(mainly DFL-FRP firmware repair tool) to refurbish hard drives.

Most of them have proper pc related knowledge but don’t have proper hdd refurbishing or data recovery knowledge which are actually quite different field from what they learnt.

We want to share some useful tips and some simple facts with you.

Dolphin Data Recovery Tools Are Used For Serious HDD Refurbishing Or Data Recovery Business Or Used For Special Purposes Within The Data Centers. We have recently received many enquiries on our tools from individuals. They are trying to fix their single drives by data recovery hardware solutions.What we can do is to give suggestions on what might be the failures of the patient hdds, what tools to use, maybe some software solutions are recommended or recommend some trusted data recovery service suppliers.

Different data recovery tools are used to fix different levels of data recovery cases. Firmware repair tools can be used for hdd refurbishing purpose. Our data recovery equipment such as DFL-DDP or DFL-DE is used to image patient drives, extract files from the patient drives and repair some common firmware failures of Seagate, Samsung, WD, Hitachi, Toshiba, but pls note this is for common firmware problems. For multiple firmware module damage and professional firmware handling, users need to use special firmware repair tool such as our DFL-FRP. For head damaged cases such as head clicking, head stiction, motor stuck, etc, users need the clean room environment,head and platter swap tools and donor heads to perform swap. Do please remember there’s no one tool in the world which recover all cases alone.

Many people don’t know what tools and manufacturer to select. It’s so wrong to  see the prices only or consider only one single factor to make one purchase. We must again remind those new users the most important factors to take into consideration to enter data recovery or hdd refurbishing field.

1, Technique support;

2, Functions of the tools;

3, Software upgrade;

4, Resources(firmware resources, donor head resources, donor pcb resources and other related resources of tools and solutions) the manufacturer can offer or can reach and help to get.

The four factors above are able to help with your maximum data recovery success especially when you are at a beginning stage.

Try to think about our suggestions when you are trying to select the data recovery tools and manufacturers. Dolphin Data Lab is always willing and ready to help all our users for their success.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com.