DFL-DE data recovery tool is not only one powerful disk imaging tool and data recovery equipment supporting all hdd brands, but one helpful data recovery tool with automatic hdd repair solutions to Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung hard drives. Read more

In the coming DFL-DE version 1.0 which is the first version of DFL-DE data recovery tool, many hdd repair and data recovery solutions to common hdd failures have been integrated to support automatic repairing and recovering for Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung hard drives. Read more

DFL-DE data recovery tool has integrated automatic hdd repair solutions to common Seagate, Samsung and Western digital HDD failures.

For Seagate 7200.12 hard disk drive, It has one very common hdd failure-the sectors are accessed to a certain LBA and then the remained sectors cannot be read. Many hdd repair tools cannot repair this one at all or cannot repair it properly. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is now offering useful data recovery and hdd repair documents, data recovery programs, hdd repair scripts, universal FW and ROM modules, hdd refurbishing firmware modules, etc in one place-DDL official FTP. Read more

DFL-DE is the 2012 latest powerful data recovery tool and it actually has integrated several data recovery modules: Disk imaging module, file recovery module and automatic hdd repair and recovery module. Read more

The following firmware damaged WD hdd belongs to the PCB 1640 series. DFL-WD II hdd repair tool is used properly to repair and restore the damaged HDD. Read more