We’ve recently received many inquiries from many new IT companies who want to start their data recovery business and asked us to introduce the best data recovery tools to go with.

Some people asked us if there’re any data recovery tools which can recover data from all hard drive brands and support SATA, IDE and USB hard drives, some people even asked us if our DFL-DE data recovery tools can recover SSDs, flash drives. Read more

Since DFL-DE data recovery tool was released in September 7th, 2012, it has gained a wide range of popularity and we are right now planning a major upgrade on this data recovery tool to make it a more productive and cost-effective data recovery equipment.

From the very beginning of the birth of DFL-DE data recovery tool, we have opened the channel for clients and users to submit new features on this tool and until now it has been 2 months we’ve collected features on the first and second version of DFL-DE data recovery tool. Read more

Within the new version-version 2.4 of DFL-WDII hdd repair tool,we have added many unique and powerful hdd repair and data recovery functions as below and users are now able to further enhance their data recovery capabilities with DFL-WDII:

1, The solution to regenerate ROM for PCB1640 and some Newer series is added to version 2.4;
2, For PCB 1692, 1698 and some newer Series, it’s not possible to load ATA module before and then it’s not possible to read the SA or read tracks, but now within DFL-WDII version 2.4, users can load 13 and then load ATA module successfully to fix these kind of damaged WD hard drives; Read more

Many people are talking about P-list damage or talk about SA damage and believe if either one of them is damaged, the data is gone. This is not true at all. Data Recovery is always possible when the p-list is damaged or when there’re SA damage.

We must be clear about one fact: SA area and user area(data area) are two different areas, they act very similarly like system partition and other partitions. For example, if the partition C is system partition and partition D, E, F contains the data users put. Now partition C-the system partition is damaged, the data is still in Partition D, E and F. Read more

DFL-WD II hdd repair tool is so far the most powerful WD firmware repair  and password removal tool with the most comprehensive  functions and technologies to get one WD HDD ready and recognized for hdd repair and data recovery purpose.

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DFl-WD II is one advanced WD hdd firmware repair tool and it offers comprehensive and convenient technologies for engineers to diagnose the hard drives and find a right and quick solution to repair and recover the hdds.

Here let’s discuss some typical and common symptoms and failures of HDD and then combine the unique solutions our tools have for diagnosing and fixing the failures. Read more