Dolphin team keep adding new DVR/NVR/HVR/CCTV video surveillance systems to support for the Dolphin DVR.Pro data recovery software.

In this new version 2.09, the following new DVR systems and new feature are added:

Hikvision 0x02 DVR system is added;
Jovision 0x02 DVR system is added; Read more

The new Dolphin DVR Pro. data recovery software V2.08 has been available for Dolphin users worldwide and you can download directly from the user-only forum.

Both Dolphin DVR Pro.Business version and trial version have been upgraded to Version 2.08. Read more

Many new DVR users are asking if it is possible to recover the overwritten DVR recordings?

As for DVR, NVR, HVR or CCTV videos, if they are overwritten, there’re two types of cases:

Case 1: The surveillance videos are fully overwritten. Read more

Many new data recovery engineer may think it is very easy to recover deleted videos from HDDs or SD cards within the DVR/NVR/HVR/CCTV devices. Users may simply download some data recovery software to scan the lost deleted videos and recover them back, but this is not the truth! Read more

Dolphin team have released the latest data recovery tool-Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version for DVR NVR HVR CCTV HDDs and SD cards and are shipping by DHL express to worldwide users.

Trial version for this DVR CCTV tool is available by email to Read more