Cheers for 2020 Data Recovery Success

It’s the last day today for 2019! Many thanks to all lovely Dolphin DFL users who support Dolphin all the time. We are all family members!

Happy new Year’s day 2020! Wish all the best to all Dolphin users!

Dolphin team keep working hard to improve the quality of both technique support and software upgrade. Users can always see new software functions and new technologies and new data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab. With Dolphin Data Lab and be one DFL user, all users will be more and more successful.

In the coming year of 2020, Dolphin team will offer the following new:

01: Dolphin team will release the SSD Repair Addon, users can repair the SSD firmware corruption and recover lost data from different brands of SSD;

02: Dolphin team will keep upgrading all existing DFL-SRP, DFL PCIe, DFL-URE firmware repair and data recovery tools and users can fix more new hard drives or fix common drives at higher success rate;

03: Dolphin team will keep improving and upgrading Dolphin user manuals and create more new case studies by pdf documents or videos;

04: Dolphin team will offer more new head and platter swap tools for easier use or higher success rate;

05: Dolphin team will arrange more technique support engineers so all users’ support requests can be promptly handled.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin skype ID: