Data Recovery Training Courses for Dolphin Chile and Srilanka Users

In this summer season 2018, more and more Dolphin users worldwide come to Dolphin head office in China to attend the advanced hard drive data recovery training courses.

These users cannot only enjoy their summer holiday by seeing one different great China, the most important, users can learn and improve their data recovery skills for faster data recovery and higher-success-rate data recovery from firmware and physical damaged hard drives.

Dolphin users from Chile and Srilanka have attended the training courses, they have got the first-class data recovery resources, support documents, videos, the most important, they have learnt the years’ data recovery experience and some special skills to handle the complicated data recovery cases other cannot fix.

Finally these Dolphin users got the certificate of excellence and completed their learning holiday with satisfaction and confidence in their future data recovery business.

Whether you are trying to start a data recovery business, improve your data recovery skills or setup one in-house  data recovery lab, to attend the Dolphin summer advanced data recovery training course is one great opportunity.

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