DFL All in One V2.1 Software Upgrade New Upgrade May 2020

Dolphin team are releasing the new all in one software V2.1 with many new firmware repair and data recovery solutions.

DDP version: V2.1
ST Version: V4.01
WD Version: V2.882
SS Version 1.337
HT Version: 1.383
FT Version: 1.571

New Firmware Repair features in DFL Seagate firmware tool V4.01:

1,Rosewood unlock improvement, EB01/AF family is added for support and more rosewood HDDs are supported for direct unlock;
2,Loading SAP, RAP, CAP to RAM is added for hot swap purpose;
3,Booting ROM generation and writing, and 3D loading to RAM are added, 8C-SBM3/A5-SBK2 /AF-EB01 default 3D modules are included;
4,LOD loading to RAM, LOD write by COM are added;
5,Translator, 50, 348 loading to RAM are added;
6,Seagate F3 SED unlock improvement on many new HDD families: 7A Makara, 8B Lamarr, 91 MakaraPlus, 95 Hepburn Oasis, 9B V11, A1 M11, A6 Nemo, etc;
7,SYS test and editing improvement;
8,Translator restoration improvement;
9,Heads’ reading temperature adjustment improvement/adjusting the flying height for proper read/write;
10, SAP control during ROM editing;
11, Set Default common repair is added;
12, Clear Media cache common repair is added;
13, LED BC/Faddr 4040 common repair is added;
14, Logical head map editing for family 44 is added;

New Firmware Repair features in DFL WD firmware tool V2.882:

1, ROM read/write by COM mode, if WD PCB is dead due to wrong rom contents, users can write a new donor ROM or original ROM by COM mode ;
2, SA/modules read/write improvement;

New Firmware Repair features in DFL Toshiba firmware repair tool V1.571:

1, P-list write improvement;
2, New MQ01ACF family is added;
3, ROM read by COM improvement;

DDP V2.1 New Data Recovery Features:

1, Interface/page improvement and more friendly;
2, Improvement of extraction on files with repeated names;
3, bitlocker partition recovery improvement when the sector 0 is bitlocker protected;
4, Raw recovery is improved;
5, Temperature curve display has been improved;
6, Double-click on source data drive will be saved at the same time to target drive;
7, Improvement on the data reading orders: always read firstly the imaged sectors/read sectors from target drives first, read skipped sectors, failed sectors from source drive.
8, Raid 0 auto analysis improvement;
9, …

Dolphin team are adding more new firmware repair and data recovery solutions to DFL firmware repair and data recovery tools, any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin skype ID: dolphin.data.lab