DFL-DDP is Much More than One Hardware Disk Imager

Many pc repair companies were inquiring about DFL DDP data recovery hardware tool and wish to buy and compare it with other hardware disk imagers.

Actually DFL-DDP is much more than one hardware disk imager.

DFL-DDP contains the following software modules:

1, Disk imaging utility: full disk image, files only image, data only image, partition image, selective head image;
2, File extraction utility: lost data scan, scan lost files By MFT, selective file recovery;
3, Seagate HDD common firmware repair utility;
4, WD HDD common firmware repair utility;
5, Hitachi HDD common firmware repair utility;
6, Samsung HDD common firmware repair utility;
7, Toshiba HDD common firmware repair utility;
8, ATA commands’ section: Start motor, stop motor, set password, remove password, set max LBA, soft reset, hard reset, etc.

Please note: the common firmware repair utilities above are just integrated quick firmware repair solutions for common firmware corruption and they don’t allow firmware backup, edit and complicated firmware repair.

So after users buy DFL-DDP data recovery hardware tool, users can fix many common data recovery cases by simple clicks.

If users want to fix more firmware corruption cases, users can buy DFL professional firmware repair tools together with DDP.

Besides, for physical hdd data recovery cases, users need to have one clean bench and then buy Dolphin head and platter swap tools, unlock PCBs, etc.

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