Samsung HDD Repair and Data Recovery Tips


After Samsung HDD was acquired by Seagate, data recovery engineers receive less and less Samsung HDD recovery cases but more or less some cases need to be handled.

Samsung HDDs have two types: Traditional Samsung HDDs, for example HM500LI and Seagate Samsung HDDs such as ST1000LM024.

The most common Samsung HDD recovery cases are:

1, Physical head failure requires head swap;
2, ROM version and overlay version don’t match;
3, Firmware module corruption such as A-list failure(G-list failure);
4, PCB failure.

Cases above can be fixed by head swap, head map editing, selective head image, PCB swap, hot swap, clearing Alist, etc.

With DFL Samsung firmware repair tools, DFL-DDP data recovery tools and Dolphin head and platter swap tools and the HDD ROM chip pin reader, users can almost fix all cases above only if the platter surfaces are not scratched.

For scratched Samsung drives, users need to learn how to cut the physical scratched head and how to edit the head map and then set up head map to image with good heads.

Dolphin team will share more data recovery technique tips with all DFL users and all DFL users will be more and more successful.

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