DFL-SRP USB3.0 All In One New Upgrade V1.61

Dolphin Data Lab are creating real all-in-one setup program for all Dolphin users.

With this new all in one software version V1.61, users can install it for one time only so that users can use the corresponding software modules (contained within the all in one software installation folders) with corresponding hardware including DFL-DE, DFL-FRP, DFL-URE and DFL-SRP.

That’s to say, all users can use this all-in-one software setup program to upgrade their software to the latest version. Users can even connect multiple DFL hardware to the same PC and users can run multiple hardware at the same time for repair or recovery purpose.

What’s new in this new version V1.61:

ST 1.61

1. Fix the bug of loading VCR log error
2. SYS read improvement
3. ROM Read/Write enhancement to support new Seagate F3 drives better;

DDP/URE/DE/ 1.6.1
1, Samsung common repair enhancement
2, HM321HI head map didn’t work earlier, it worked this time.
3, Hard/Soft reset functions were added to DISK Imaging option for source drive, it requires sometime for patient cases

WD 2.7.1
WD USB Support compatible with the first generation hardware-WDII.

HT V1.3

FT V1.3

SS V1.3
Samsung common fix function would crash in different drives. Now it’s stable and working;

Dolphin team keep working hard to enhance all the exising data recovery tools and adding new functions and new tools. Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add our skype account: dolphin.data.lab