2015 Top-Rated Level 2 Head Replacement Toolkit

According to one investigation from users in over 100 countries, the level 2 head comb suite has become the most cost-effective and top-rated head replacement toolkit in 2015.

Level 2 head comb suite has contained 27 different head combs to support different hard drive brands of Seagate, WD, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba and Fujitsu, SATA, IDE, USB, SAS drives of both laptop and desktop whose heads park on a ramp are supported.

Level 2 head comb suite contains 10 Seagate head combs, 1 Seagate Samsung head comb, 7 WD head combs, 5 Hitachi head combs, 2 Toshiba head combs, 1 Samsung head comb and 1 Fujitsu head comb.

These level 2 head combs are perfectly designed and very easy to use to install and uninstall the heads by separating the heads securely. All users can use them well, even those who are new to this field and practize head swap and tell us they love these head combs.

More new head combs are being designed to make this level 2 head comb suite more complete, users can send the drives if not supported and then get the new head combs for free except paying the shipping cost. It’s about 20 days around to create the new head comb and therefore users can always contact us for customization on the head combs.

Users can order the level 2 head comb suite here by paypal or contact us for more details.