DFL-URE USB3.0 Is Upgraded Again With Many New Features

Dolphin Data lab has completed the new features and software codes optimization for DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment especially for USB hard drives and now we have decided to upgrade DFL-URE to version 1.1.

In DFL-URE version, Dolphin developing engineers have greatly enhanced the software running performance on bad sector drives and new functions and features for handling some USB hard drives are also added and we are right now testing it for the final release:

1,  ATA PASS-THROUGH USB hard drive status getting, model read and data read are added;
2, Setting and display of UDMA data transfer and sector size (512 bytes or 4096 bytes-for new 4k structured hard drives);
3, To disable reverse read for each pass is added;
4, Read mode setting is optimized;
5, Drive USB mode and URE USB mode indicators are added;
6, The bitmap of start of selective head image  project won’t cover or clear the previous bitmap created within the full image;
7, Mac file system file extraction optimization, faster extraction and more accurate extraction;
8, ST NG list clearing and 4kb hard drive selective head image are added;
9, Power off control is optimized;
10, Software codes are optimized;
11, URE drive is upgraded to V1.1.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps collecting feedback from our users and listening to all suggestions, we are making our tools more and more stable and excellent for users’ success and we believe the new version of DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment will help much more on users’ USB hard drive data recovery cases.