DFL-URE USB3.0 New Upgrade V1.55 Is Available

DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment makes all USB hard drive data recovery much easier and more successful and now this great USB hdd recovery tool has been upgraded again to the latest version 1.55, users can download it and get the software upgrade for free from Dolphin user-only forum.

What are new with new version of DFL-URE?

1, hex editing within file extraction interface is corrected and  SATA 1, PATA write error bug is fixed;
2, independent channel reading algorithm is optimized;
3, manual bad sector skip during imaging is added;
4, bad sector scanning is optimized and users get more accurate scanning result;
5, LBA display is optimized to show the live LBA;
6, More image settings: Ignore error status and skip timeout blocks, useful when there’re many bad sectors.
7, Software codes optimization and the program works more and more excellently.

With DFL-URE data recovery equipment, users can connect easily two USB hard drive directly and perform disk image, selective head image and even direct file extraction even when there’re many bad sectors in the USB hard drives. Besides, DFL-URE can directly bypass the USB-SATA self encryption algorithm and access the data directly. Users don’t need to convert and decrypt any more by spending a lot of time.

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