Dolphin Sydney Sales & Support Center Starts To Offer Credit Card Payment & FlexiRent Services

It’s one great news for all new clients from Australia to get the latest data recovery tools and technologies from Dolphin sydney data recovery tools sales and support center-Dolphin Sydney sales and technique support center starts to offer direct credit card payment and Flexi Rent services.

Unlike data recovery software, data recovery hardware tools have many more data recovery functions and solutions and enable users to have much higher success rate of fixing damaging hard drives. Besides, it takes more time compared with using data recovery software to understand and use those advanced hdd repair and data recovery functions and Dolphin engineers will need much more time and cost for doing research and development and offer technique support and software upgrade and therefore, the price is much higher than software only data recovery tools.

In order to make more people take the advantages of data recovery hardware tools and get their valuable data back in a secured method, Dolphin Sydney sales and support center has decided to accept credit card payment and also the Flexi Rent services. Users can rent the tools by installments and the Dolphin DFL tools will help users to fix cases and pay themselves each month.

The local users of Australia can contact our Sydney sales and support center by the information below:

Philip Hurst
+61 2 9984 8769