DFl-WDII Becomes The World’s No.1 HDD Repair Tool To Regenerate ROM For WD PCB1640 Series

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is now the world’s first hdd repair tool which is able to regenerate ROM for WD PCB 1640 series and newer WD hdds after 1640 series. Data recovery companies are able to have a much higher success rate in dealing with these new WD hard drives with DFL-WDII than with any other hdd repair tools.

DFL-WDII is one real professional WD firmware repair and password repair tool and this article mainly talks about ROM repairing.

DFL-WDII ROM Operations Function List

  1. Normal Read ROM;
  2. Normal Write ROM;
  3. Write Common Repair ROM;
  4. Head Map Editing and Head Depopping;
  5. Module 47 Recovery-How to fix read-only WD drives-What’s the relationship between moduel 47 and 40;
  6. ROM Deep Test-When users write ROM with DFL-WDII, the program will tell if the ROM is compatible by this function instead of writing directly and destroy the PCB due to wrong write;
  7. Head Adaptive Parameters Tuning;
  8. Regenerate ROM-Regenerate ROM for Marvel L-shaped PCB series, Regenerate ROM for ROYL series, Regenerate ROM for PCB1640 and newer PCB series;
  9. DIR Starting Address Editing;
  10. Get ROM by extracting modules from the tracks;
  11. Hot Swap with DFL-WDII;
  12. ROM modules view and editing;
  13. Other ROM operations.

Before PCB1640 series, DFL-WDII can be used to regenerate ROM from the backup modules or search and get the donor matching ROM from our ROM database. We shared over 70GB firmware resources including ROM resources and modules by our FTP resource center.

But for PCB 1640 series or newer PCB series, the backup modules are empty and the ROM module structures have been changed and the old methods to regenerate ROM don’t work any more for these newer PCB series and until recently we’ve worked out a special method to extract from different modules and combine them into a new original ROM module. As for users of DFL-WDII hdd repair tools, they can get this super powerful ROM regeneration solution for the newer WD HDDs for free and this is also so far the only and effective solution for these hdds. Users just need to have simple clicks to regenerate the original ROM to fix the damaged HDDs and get the lost data back.
Dolphin Data Lab has already written good user manuals, good case studies and create video case studies  and offer professional technique support to both DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and DFL-DE data recovery tool and users will enjoy using these advanced and professional data recovery tools.

Users can email to sales@dolphindatalab.com or place an order of DFL-WDII hdd repair tool here directly if you have PayPal account and get all our unique and powerful Western digital hard drive repair and recovery solutions.