HDD Repair Tool DFL-WDII Reviews


DFL-WDII is a professional Data Recovery tool used for Western Digital drives repair at the firmware level. The tool supports all series of Western Digital drives and includes features to work with first generation drives. The tool is designed to: Generate ROM, generate ATA, Generate P-List, read modules offset shifting, and track split modules in the service area.

The tool has maintenance functions to: depop heads, depop zone, decrease VKFCI, TPI, CAP settings, factory selfscan, and self test edit. The tool is designed to work with firmware problem, solve bad sectors, heads knocking after replacement. The tool interface software shows the structure of the modules and uses a visualization menu interface in the setup.

DFL-WDII software interface is menu driven. The interface and tool works with IDE, SATA and USB WD drives. The interface menus are user friendly and allows for working with Western Digital Drives in normal mode, kernel mode, and factory self test mode. The tool supports Caviar cyc32, WD Marvel, WD Marvel SATA, and WD Marvel USB models.

The DFL WDII works with common problems in the WD drive families using:

• ATA commands
• Logical Scan
• Security level for password reading and unlocking
• Editing sectors in the Service Area
• Scans for Bad blocks
• Allows for Editing modules
• Edits HDD ID
• Tests and Edits Firmware
• works with CHS LBA and NHPA
• Possible to Load the HDD Overlays from donor drives
• Allows for splitting tracks and extracting modules

ROM on WD drives plays an important role when initializing the HDD. The drives adaptive are stored in the PCB ROM. The interface works with:

• Saving ROM
• Writing ROM
• Head Map editing in ROM to Depop heads
• Using Module 47 in the SA for ROM recovery
• Deep Testing ROM for Corruptions
• Working with ROM head adaptive parameters
• Regenerating ROM
• DIR start and address editing in ROYL series HDD

When the WD drive has low level issues in the modules of the SA the program interface works in the service area to:

• Read modules
• Write modules
• Regenerate ATA modules
• Read tracks
• Write tracks
• Read the SA regions for ROYL series HDD
• Write the SA regions for ROYL series HDD
• Format the reserved area
• Quick for the SA
• Will kill bad zones so they can no longer be used
• Perform Read Write test to the heads
• Regenerate Module 02 the ATA modules

When working with WD drive repair it is necessary to work with the factory defect listing of the HDD. The drives are formatted at factory and the defects are stored in the P-List of the HDD. Once the drive leaves the factor new defects are added to the G-List. The internal T-List works with the SA of the HDD. During operation of the HDD the drive can encounter too many defects which can cause problems to the operations of the HDD. The tool can repair these problems and allow working in:

• G-List
• P-List
• T-List
• SA List
• Translator

Today the cost of HDD has risen and due to supply and demand it is necessary to refurbish a HDD. The DFL WDII has features in the program interface that work with the factory commands to refurbish the HDD so it can be used again. It is possible to refurbish the HDD using:

• Factor Self Test
• TPICAP Options
• Factory information
• SF Script Editing
• Show TRI and CAP in ROYL Series HDD
• Format the HDD using either the P-List or G-List or both P-List and G-List

The WDII from DFL is a fully functions tool used for drive repair or refurbishing the HDD. The new advanced technology gives the user a chance to repair the WD drives using factory commands and working in the drives reserved area or service area. On the market today no other tool allows for working with the WD technology and ARCO commands used in testing the WD drives with factory commands.

The DFL WDII is a complete data recovery tool that can be used by any data recovery repair shop for repairing and refurbishing WD HDD. This tool is advanced and is not a beginning tool for data recovery. It is recommended that if you use this tool to study the structure of the WD drive and fully understand the functions used in this tool to repair the HDD and retrieve data from the broken drive.

You can order one DFL-WDII online here or you can request a free quote.

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