New HDD Repair Features in DFL-WDII V2.3.2

DFL-WDII is not only one great hdd firmware repair hardware tool for Western Digital hard drives but also is one very cost-effective data recovery hardware with free but regular software upgrade and we are releasing the following new release of Version 2.3.2 with the following new features:

1, Online Firmware Area Optimization: this new feature enables automatic optimization to the firmware area and adaptive heads so that the hdd repair and data recovery success rate can be maximized.

2, Firmware Area Quick Format: Quick Formatting to firmware area and handles the defective tables in the firmware area;

3, Servo Area Calibration: Calibrate the servo parameters.

4, Online User Area Optimization: Fully optimizing the sectors in the user area, improving the sectors’ r/w capabilities, reducing the red and green blocks and enhancing the success rate of calibration.

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