Dolphin Brazil Data Recovery Engineer Gave Lecture In One University

Data security is one of the most important topics in all fields of the E-data ages and data recovery is the last defense of data security to avoid the data loss and further losses.

Dolphin local sales and support center-PCDIAG has launched continuing wonderful lectures in many universities to explains the important role of data recovery in data security.

Within the lecture, the PCDIAG data recovery engineer introduced the data storage media devices and their structures, how data is stored, how data is lost, what kind of traditional and new data recovery technologies are used to recover lost data, what kind of data recovery tools are used. Dolphin data recovery tools have been introduced as the main solutions within the lecture.

Being easy to use and powerful to get lost data back are the most attractive features to the university students, teachers and professors and the university data centers prepare to get the Dolphin data recovery tools to set up their in-house data recovery lab.

PCDIAG will give more helpful lectures to more universities and organizations who are in great demand of such knowledge and experience.

Brazil Users can buy Dolphin data recovery tools directly from PCDIAG with the following details:

PC Diag (Brazil)

Data Recovery Engineer – CEO
TEL: (85) 3082-8511 (85) 3082-8511 / 84230068

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