Another Successful Data Recovery Case-WD10EVVS-63M5B0 For Ethiopia Client


Dolphin team just helped one Dolphin user from Ethiopia who brought his data recovery case to the Dolphin head office in Chengdu and the client got all the data back.

In the week just before National Day holiday, an Ethiopian client visited Dolphin Data Lab to learn more about our data recovery tools and hope our engineers to repair his damaged WD hard drive with some important data in it.

He told us actually he had asked other data recovery companies in Ethiopia to recover his data, and they had made efforts but judged that the data couldn’t be back, this is actually because the heads are weak and some platter surfaces are not good too.

Some details about this WD hard drive:
Model: WDC WD10EVVS-63M5B0
Firmware: 01.00A01
S/N: WD-WMAV52319844
Capacity: 1.0 TB
Head count: 4 heads

Our engineers connected this hard drive to our SRP usb3.0 equipment and made a power-on test, and found that it could be directly detected by SRP and the partitions and folders can also be listed, however many of them cannot be extracted and show LBA read errors.

Then engineers gave up to directly extract data from the damaged hard drive, and chose to image the patient hard drive to one good drive. The imaging ran smoothly with high speed in the beginning, but after several hours the speed had declined dramatically and became very slow. Next the engineer selected to start selective head image and fount the head 1 and head 3 are damaged and very weak and some areas on the surface are damaged too, many black spots were displayed.

Engineer imaged the good head 0 and head 2 and then imaged head 1 and finally head 3, the worst head. Luckily the two heads were not totally damaged, it took 5 days around to complete the image and over 99% data were recovered successfully.

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