WD20JDRW-11C7VS0 Undetected Spin Up and Down HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps


Case study name: WD20JDRW-11C7VS0 810082 USB undetected hdd firmware repair and data recovery steps

Patient HDD ID

Model number-WD20JDRW-11C7VS0
Capacity: 2TB
PCB: 2060-810082

Failure symptoms:

Undetected, spin up and down, data area was not accessed

HDD Firmware repair tools and data recovery tools required:

DFL-WD HDD firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

HDD firmware repair and data recovery steps:

01: Convert the USB PCB to SATA interface;
02: Backup the original rom and disable 411;
03: Backup important firmware modules, specially module 190;
04: Use the latest DFL-DDP to repair the module 190 to get one new T2data file;
05:  …
06: After above step, the patient hdd was detected properly and the spin up and down issue was fixed as well;
07: Enter DFL-DDP data recovery software and set up one new disk image project;
08: Set T2data auto loading to RAM;
09; Refresh data area and the data area was accessible.

Full case study is available within the Dolphin user-only forum here

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