Dolphin Data Data Recovery Tools Are Full-English Programs

This news is to tell all clients who don’t have Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools that all our tools are full-English programs.

We have recently got some doubts from some new clients asking if our data recovery programs are full-English because they saw some Chinese texts on our programs in some demo videos.

Here we must tell all new clients please don’t worry about this problem at all. As one world-class data recovery tools manufacturer and supplier, we have sold many pieces to professional data recovery engineers worldwide with their happy experience shared in our forum:

The Chinese texts new clients see in some of our demo videos appear due to the operating systems we use are Chinese operating systems. If users install English Operating systems, the programs will be pure English programs, if the users install Spanish operating systems, the programs will have some simple buttons such as ‘OK’,  ‘Confirm’, ‘Cancel’, etc will be displayed as Spanish, if Arabic, will be displayed as Arabic buttons.

Dolphin Data Lab has designed all our tools more friendly and more professionally so that they meet well the demands of international data recovery engineers.

Dolphin Data Lab is now developing more new data recovery tools and solutions and will release them in the near future to the market and any question or doubt is welcome to and we will be happy to answer all in details.