Dolphin Data Lab Has Successfully Completed The August Advanced Data Recovery Training

Dolphin Data Lab has successfully completed the August advanced data recovery training and seen the clients off at the airport on August 23rd!

As for our advanced data recovery training, users can understand it more clearly from how our clients feedback to us:

Client-Ali Mohammed Alghamdi
Saudi Arabia

* How to use the DFL tools in a correct way;
* I got new information to study modules and analyse different failures;
* Study some cases that can add more knowledge with the expert Engineers;
* Spent nice time with all staffs in friendly environment.

Client-Philip Hurst


I got many things with WD and Seagate concepts and techniques. I had never seen before in many years of research. This course is designed for DR professionals who want to maximize knowledge and learn advanced data recovery methods.

Dolphin Data Lab is going to create more data recovery tools and offer more advanced data recovery training courses to all our users. Users can email to us by to get more details.