Dolphin team help all users make progress in data recovery in 2018!

Data recovery business is one good business but it is one system business or we can call it one network business, users need to do many things to make great progress and success! Read more

Dolphin team just helped one Dolphin user from Ethiopia who brought his data recovery case to the Dolphin head office in Chengdu and the client got all the data back.

In the week just before National Day holiday, an Ethiopian client visited Dolphin Data Lab to learn more about our data recovery tools and hope our engineers to repair his damaged WD hard drive with some important data in it. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is setting up the biggest data recovery service union to offer professional data recovery services from different storage medias in over 100 countries and we are going to set up one special forum to post the recovery request and our users in the local places can contact the final end users for one detailed quote.

Since the foundation of Dolphin Data Lab, Dolphin team is dedicated to offering top-class technique support, top-class data recovery tools, top-class software upgrade and resource support Read more

Dolphin team feel proud to say all our staffs are happily working hard for a higher success rate generated from our data recovery tools and a greater success from all our honored users.

We are happy Dolphins!

Most staffs in our company are engineers and our happy thing is each little progress within our research and development of new data recovery tools and solutions or even a fix to the bug reported from the user or even a simple new feature request met quickly to help with clients’ daily data recovery cases. Read more

Congratulations first to the Sydney Dolphin Data Recovery Training center!

With the great efforts from our Dolphin data recovery training center in Sydney Australia,  the training courses are being offered to the attendees from different places of Australia and even attendees from Singapore. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has recently kept close cooperation with one Indian data recovery company-Smart Computech to offer more localized sales and technique support to all Indian Dolphin users.

Smart Computech is one talented and hard-working data recovery company offering fast data recovery services with exciting data-back success rate and they are working on logical recovery cases, bad sector repair cases, raid recovery cases, firmware modules editing and repairing cases, physical head damage cases, PCB burnt cases, etc. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab Australia Data Recovery Training Center will be holding a 5 day comprehensive data recovery training course in Sydney, Australia from November 11th to 15th.

To view what training contents is included in the training course, users can download the following PDF document and read:


Dolphin Data Lab Australia data recovery training center has decided to offer this data recovery training courses to those who want to start a data recovery business or start one in-house data recovery sector or who are interested in Dolphin Data Recovery Tools but want to have a deep and comprehensive view inside the tools and solutions. Read more