Make Progress in Data Recovery Field in 2018

Dolphin team help all users make progress in data recovery in 2018!

Data recovery business is one good business but it is one system business or we can call it one network business, users need to do many things to make great progress and success!

1, Select the right data recovery tools supplier to start your data recovery business;
2, Prepare yourself to start a data recovery business. Users need to have proper knowledge and need to have one clear data recovery mind. Need to focus on some cases, for example, firmware cases, bad sector cases, password cases, logical recovery cases, etc. Some people start without physical data recovery and this is a good choice if without enough time and money to invest;
3, Find some good partners to work with. This partners can be data recovery industry expert companies or professionals who are not in the same area, without direct competition or if you have some real friends who do well in this field so later you can forward or seek help from them when you cannot fix the cases;
4, Market your data recovery business correctly and actively. No cases enter by themselves and users need to do many advertisements to let people know you are good in this field and what you can do for them;
5, Set up your own data recovery resources library: PCB resource library, firmware resource library, head resource library, loaders resource library, case study library, etc. Whenever you need some resource, you find and get them easily. This ensures you can recover lost data more quickly than others.

Dolphin team are creating more new data recovery functions, hdd repair functions, new data recovery tools and new manuals and instructions for all Dolphin users and you can all make progress and success in 2018!

Dolphin team are always with all users!