Dolphin Indian Data Recovery Tools Sales And Support Center

Dolphin Data Lab has recently kept close cooperation with one Indian data recovery company-Smart Computech to offer more localized sales and technique support to all Indian Dolphin users.

Smart Computech is one talented and hard-working data recovery company offering fast data recovery services with exciting data-back success rate and they are working on logical recovery cases, bad sector repair cases, raid recovery cases, firmware modules editing and repairing cases, physical head damage cases, PCB burnt cases, etc.

Smart Computech has began to work on the support network of all Dolphin data recovery tools including the DFL series tools, head and platter swap tools and other small hdd repair and recovery toolkits and will soon give more and more qualified technique support services. Service comes first for Dolphin Data Lab and all its partners and resellers!

Besides technique support on the Dolphin data recovery tools, Smart Computech will offer also data recovery training to Dolphin users in India. If Dolphin users in India have cases which cannot be handled, you can also send your drives to Smart Computech and they will help to fix at very affordable partner prices.

The following are the contact details of Smart Computech:

Smart Computech
FF-8, Meghdeep Appartment, Opp. Prakash School, Sandesh Press Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad- 380015, India
Phone: 9727421981
Contact : Mr. Jignesh Pankhania
Email :

Users can also send any questions to and we will be happy to answer all questions in details to help users with greater success in data recovery field.