Dolphin Indian Sales and technique support center-Smart Computech has been continuously offering excellent data recovery services, sales and technique support of DFL data recovery tools in India.

Many undetected hard drives, drives with 0 capacity, bad sector drives, clicking hard drives, drives with wrong LBA, dead hard drives were brought to DFL India to get lost data back, some were final PC users, some were potential DFL users who want to test the capabilities of DFL data recovery tools, some are already Dolphin users who are trying to cooperate with DFL India. Read more

Dolphin official Indian resellers have been offering very detailed live demo on all DFL data recovery tools and great explainations on the data recovery technologies and methods frequently used in the daily cases faced in the recovery labs.

Dolphin team feel proud of our Indian engineer and partner-Jignesh Pankhania from Smart Computech and he is always willing to help and answer clients’ questions and help fix clients’ drives even during the demo, clients bring their damaged hard drives and Jignesh used DFL data recovery tools to fix them and explain to them. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has recently kept close cooperation with one Indian data recovery company-Smart Computech to offer more localized sales and technique support to all Indian Dolphin users.

Smart Computech is one talented and hard-working data recovery company offering fast data recovery services with exciting data-back success rate and they are working on logical recovery cases, bad sector repair cases, raid recovery cases, firmware modules editing and repairing cases, physical head damage cases, PCB burnt cases, etc. Read more