Dolphin Dragon-boat Festival Holiday June 7-9 2019

Please be kindly informed that Dolphin Data Lab Headquarter will be closed for traditional Dragon Boat Festival holiday from June 7 to Sunday, June 9. And resume to office on Monday, June 10. 2019.

Here are some important notes about our work arrangement during this 3 day holiday.

  1. Data recovery tool enquiry will be answered normally throughout the holiday period.
  2. HDD Head replacement tool or data recovery equipment or customized recovery PCB orders received after 5:00pm today will be shipped out on June 10. 2019.
  3. Remote technical support service request will be handled after holiday.

Thank you for your attention.

About Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival, also called Duanwu Festival in Chinese, is a traditional holiday celebrated annually in China for over 2,000 years to commemorate Qu Yuan (340-278 BC).

Qu Yuan served as a minister in the State of Chu – one of the seven Warring States. Also known as ancient Chinese patriotic poet, in fact, he was regarded as one of the greatest poets in Chinese history. He wrote a lot of works to show his care and devotion to his country. After he was exiled by the king, he chose to drown himself in the river rather than seeing his country invaded and conquered by the State of Qin. He died on the fifth day of the fifth month (lunar calendar), thus people decided to commemorate him on that day every year.

This year Dragon Boat Festival 2019 falls on June 7 (tomorrow). Many traditional customs and activities are held on this specified day by us in China and even by people in neighboring Asian countries. Dragon boat racing and eating Zongzi are the central customs of the festival. In some regions in China, people also hang mugwort leaves on doors to dispel diseases and viruses.