WD 2060-800068 Unlock Data Recovery PCB

WD new drive with PCB 2060-800068-000 is one kind of PCB locked drive with Type C interfaced.

Compatible SATA Unlock Data Recovery PCB for the 800068 Type C PCB: WD 2060-800066 2060-800069 Data Recovery PCB

Users can not backup the ROM and SA and cannot operate on the firmware repair. It’s a must to get one unlock data recovery SATA PCB to swap and transfer the data drive ROM chip to the unlock SATA PCB.

Users need to buy this 2060-800068 unlock data recovery PCB here to unlock the PCB and SA for data recovery purpose.

Please note: This unlock data recovery PCB helps to backup the ROM and SA firmware modules only, doesn’t guarantee users can recover the lost data. Users need to fix the possible firmware failure or physical failure or other types of hdd failures with correct data recovery tools.

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