WD Unlock Data Recovery PCB for 810003 WD20SMZM

This is one new Western Digital hard drive with PCB number 2060-810003-001 REV P1, this drive has also PCB main chip lock and users cannot backup the ROM and SA normally.

2060-810003-001 REV P1 is Type C interfaced PCB.

In order to access to the SA and ROM areas, users need to get one special unlock data recovery PCB and remove the patient HDD ROM chip to this unlock PCB and then users can read the SA, can read firmware modules and can read ROM.

The compatible unlock data recovery PCB for 810003 is 800065 and users can buy this unlock 800065 PCB to swap with the 810003 locked PCB. Please note: the PCB just helps to unlock SA and ROM only, doesn’t guarantee users can recover the lost data directly. Users need to repair the firmware or physical failures by yourselves.

This unlock PCB can be used for both 800067 and 810003 locked PCBs.

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