Buying Tips for DFL HDD Data Recovery and Firmware Repair Tools

To all Dolphin potential buyers:

To help all potential buyers to clearly understand and properly buy the right data recovery tools or firmware repair tools, Dolphin support team have prepared the following tips:

1, For DFL data recovery tools or firmware repair tools, users get two parts: DFL hardware and DFL software, the software cannot work alone and must work together with the hardware;

2, DFL hardware has two options: PCIe hardware works with desktop PC, users can connect 3 SATA and 1 IDE HDD; SRP USB3.0 portable hardware works with both desktop pc and laptops, users can connect 2 SATA and 1 IDE HDD;

3, DFL firmware repair and data recovery tools are mainly for SATA, IDE and USB hard drives. For SATA and IDE hdds, users can connect to DFL hardware (DFL-SRP and DFL PCIe-4x) directly and run firmware repair or data recovery but for USB hdds, users need to convert the USB interface to SATA interface or swap with compatible SATA PCB to connect to DFL hardware.

There’s one data recovery hardware besides DFL-SRP portable and DFL PCIe tool, it is called DFL-URE, this tool has two USB3.0 ports, users can connect two USB hdds or flash drives for imaging or file extraction.

Please note: SAS/SCSI firmware repair (firmware module repair, password removal, reset smart, ID edit, etc) is not supported for the moment by DFL tools.

4, DFL software needs to be installed on windows operating system, couldn’t be run on Mac OS or Linux OS. However, DFL software supports to repair firmware and data recovery from HDDs with F.S of HFS+, HFSX, EXT2, 3, 4 and besides, exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, etc are supported too.

5, There’re totally 6 DFL software modules: DDP data recovery software module, ST Seagate firmware repair module, WD Western Digital firmware repair module, HT Hitachi/IBM firmware repair module, SS Samsung firmware repair module and FT Toshiba Fujitsu firmware repair module. Users can select DFL PCIe hardware or DFL-SRP hardware, users can select any of above software modules (one or multiple) to be supported and run with the selected hardware;

6, Please note: Dolphin team offer two years’ free software upgrade and two years’ free technique support. The software upgrade is charged based on each hardware (DFL-SRP, DFL PCIe or DFL-URE).

7, Dolphin 1 year’s quality guaranty is for the main hardware console, such as the SRP console, PCIe card and is not for the accessories and cables.

8, Users need to think carefully before purchase, ask all possible questions and Dolphin users will answer and suggest the best for all new users. After purchase, within one month, product return is possible, but users need to pay hardware cost and shipping cost the supplier has paid to ship to users. After one month, product return and payment return are not possible.

9, As for SSD, if users can convert to SATA interface, users can use DFL tools to image the SSD if detected. If not detected or if the SSD has firmware problems, DFL tools don’t support at the moment. Dolphin team will release independent SSD recovery add-on software module later and users need to pay extra to get the module added to the existing SRP or PCIe hardware;

10, As for SRP for Data Extraction, it is mainly for disk image and file extraction and can fix some common firmware issues. For complicated firmware corruption cases or if users want to start a complete hdd data recovery business, users need to consider DFL-SRP all in one or DFL PCIe all in one solution plus with the head and platter swap tools and one clean bench.

11, As for flash drives, this is another field, for common logical or bad sectors, users can try DFL-URE for file extraction or imaging, but if the flash drives are not detected and have controller damage or firmware damage, DFL tools don’t support at this moment.

12, Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: