Dolphin New Seagate Firmware Repair Manual 2019 Available

The latest Seagate HDD firmware repair manual based on latest DFL ST HDD firmware repair tool is now available. With the latest manual, users can use the tool more easily and successfully.

Users can fix more new hard drives, more new hard drive complicated cases.

The following are the manual layout and users can learn the manual generally:

Section 1: Seagate HDD Important Basic Knowledge P4-8

>Recognize Seagate HDD Label P4-5

>Recognize Seagate HDD PCB P5

>Seagate HDD Working Modes P6

>Recognize Seagate HDD Series and Family P6-7

>Recognize Seagate HDD Baud Rates-COM Data Transfer Speed P8

Section 2: Seagate Important Firmware Module Overview P9-10

>Important firmware modules for T> drives P9

>Important firmware modules for F3 T> drives P9-10

Section 3: Functions, Operations, Cases Causing Permanent Data Loss P10-12

Section 4: Seagate HDD Power on Test Steps P13-14

Section 5: Set up Working Directory P14

Section 6: Confirm the HDD status by Status Registers P15-17

Section 7: How to Enter T> or F3 T> P18-21

Section 8: Common Commands to Execute in COM Terminal P21-23

>Common commands for T> drives P21-22
>Common commands for F3 T> drives P22-23

Section 9: How to Read/Write ROM-Firmware on PCB P23-26

Section 10: How to Read/Write/Edit SA-Firmware on Platters P26-42

>Old drives-T> drives how to read/write/edit firmware P26-32

>New drives-F3 T> drives how to read/write/edit firmware P33-42

>>How to read/write/edit fw modules P33-36

>>How to read/write/edit SYS files P36-42

Section 11: How to Unlock SA/COM Terminal and Repair FW P46-49

Section 12: How to Fix Continuing LBA Read Error or very Slow Image P50

Section 13: How to Find out the Preamp Type/Head Type P51-52

Section 14: How to Edit Head Map in ROM and RAM (F3 T> HDDs) P52-56

Section 15: How to Test if the Heads are Working Properly or Not P56-57

Section 16: Test Tracks-How to Fix some Unknown Firmware Corruption P57-58

Section 17: How to Adjust Head Working Temperatures P58-64

>Manual temperature adjustment P58-62
>Auto temperature adjustment P62-64

Section 18: How to Fix Partial Sector Access Firmware Problem P64-73

>Causes of partial sector access P64

>How to Avoid the Trouble Caused by Partial Sector Access P65

>Types of Partial Sector Access Cases P65

>How to Fix Partial Sector Access with Data Drive Original SYS Backup P65-66
>How to Fix Partial Sector Access without Data Drive Original SYS Backup P67-70
>How to Fix Partial Sector Access Caused by Non-SF Defects in P-list P70-73

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